The 30 Day Nudge (30 Day) is a tool to help people overcome the resistance they feel when starting new habits and breaking old habits.

30 Day consists of four pillars that make these changes possible:

1) Identify a daily commitment you’ve been putting off. Don’t make one up, find one that’s already there.
2) Get some financial skin in the game. Money motivates, let’s use it to our advantage.
3) Join a group of people on a similar quest. We are social creatures and want to keep up with our herd.
4) Track your progress every day.

You start by signing up, which requires you to invest some money. 30 Day costs $25.00 each month, $5.00 is a non-refundable administration fee and the remaining $20.00 is an accountability deposit. The accountability deposit is held until the end of the month, if you’ve completed your commitments then its returned to you, otherwise it is donated on your behalf to a local non-profit.

Once you’re signed up you have to define what your commitment is. We provide some simple advice on identifying a commitment if you’re not entirely sure.

Each day you login and track whether or not you’ve followed through with your commitment.

Finally you have the option of using the community forum to get or give encouragement to other Nudgers.

It’s hard to believe that a system for real change could be so simple, yet it is.

Register now and start something great.